Workplace Technology

Smarter performance

Technology is the enabler of the modern workplace. Aston independently and agnostically provides the expertise and experience to develop and implement holistic workplace technology solutions to achieve technically and financially successful outcomes.

Our specialist workplace technology experts work with the internal technology, property, and management stakeholders of an organisation to explore options and challenge outcomes to develop best practice technology solutions. Our sector specialised knowledge and experience extend to supporting our clients in managing the successful delivery of their IT projects, in both live and construction environments.

Aston is a complete professional services provider. We deliver initial workplace technology strategies and detailed technology designs, through to managing tenders, to providing full project management and implementation services, including training and post implementation support.

  • Our expert consulting services are tailored to support businesses in achieving their workplace technology goals. Our experienced consultants work closely with our clients on specific technology issues through to holistic projects and develop customised technology advice and solutions that achieve organisational objectives.

    Through our comprehensive analysis of existing technology systems and operations, we identify areas for improvement and implement innovative, best practice solutions that optimise technology infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies, improve staff engagement and maximise flexibility in the workplace.

  • Our technology strategy service is designed to help businesses develop a comprehensive plan that has considered all workplace options, challenged the way a business operates and considered the objectives and goals of the organisation within budget limits.

    Our experienced consultants will work closely with our clients to assess the multiple workplace technology streams that support an organisation, review existing infrastructure and understand operations to develop a customised technology strategy.

    The outcome is a clear roadmap for workplace technology — a strategy that can be implemented over time of as part of a project. Aston clients are then able to make an informed workplace technology decision. They have a clear understanding of the systems and equipment that will best support their organisation. In addition, they have accurate budget and cost information and a detailed understanding of implementation programs.

  • Aston’s workplace solutions help businesses design and create a more productive and efficient workplace environment. From collaboration and communication solutions to workflow automation and document management systems, our experienced technology team collaborate with clients to identify and implement the workplace tools that will improve workflow, efficiencies, and engagement within an organisation.

  • Aston provides specialist project management services that are dedicated to the seamless implementation of technology for businesses. Our experienced team offers end-to-end project management, including tendering, systems integration, relocation management, carrier coordination, data centre migration and systems testing to ensure a technology project is successfully delivered on time and within budget. Our technology project management then goes beyond the initial implementation to provide training and ongoing support.

  • Audio Visual (AV) systems are an integral part of the modern workplace and require seamless integration and intuitive operation to support the functions of an organisation.

    Aston provides specialist AV advice and design solutions to enhance workplace presentation, communication, and collaboration. Our services include bespoke AV design, system audit, workplace collaboration systems, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, room booking and visitor management systems, auditoriums, presentation systems, digital signage and hearing assistance and interpretation systems.

    Our dedicated team provide delivers innovative, high-quality solutions tailored to your unique needs, helping business succeed in a technology-driven environment.

  • Aston’s smart building solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and help them achieve operational excellence while enhancing workplace experience. We offer innovative services such as lobby activation, concierge, and reception solutions, building analytics, retail and immersive experiences, public Wi-Fi, and wayfinding.

    Our customised solutions leverage the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver smarter, more efficient buildings that enhance the comfort and productivity of teams. With Aston technology services, organisations can stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving workplace landscape.

  • We create your dreams.

    Aston provides specialist advice in this area to help you design bespoke sensory visual spaces. We also specialise in large format video walls for all types of unique spaces.

    – 3D projection and collaboration state of the art spaces
    – Mimic the organic experience of the natural world
    – Natural outlook and/or water features
    – Dynamic artwork and exhibition spaces
    – Vision statement of your brand
    – Ingenious and cultural themes
    – Digital content on screens

  • Aston’s strategic procurement team help businesses design and source the latest workplace technology and AV systems.

    As your Technology consultant, we procure on your behalf workplace technology and AV equipment from the largest international suppliers.

    We have relationships with all market leaders and vendors and will provide you the most commercially attractive deals available across the market.

  • Aston’s provides specialist advice in this field to help you design a modern, stable and cost effective network and wifi environment for your new state of the art workplace. More than ever, we believe that with the increased demand to have more devices on the network, that a wireless network needs to be 100% secure, stable and scalable.

  • Aston provides specialist advice in this area to help you design a bespoke sound scaping system. This is the latest technology and is often recommended to be used if considering a white noise system or sound suppression system.

    In the past year, we have started to deploy this latest generation of soundscapes that make our buildings healthier, more engaging and more inviting given that we spend around 90% of our lives indoors, it’s never been more important to design the sound of our built environment.

    Sound scaping is multichannel and zonable, ensuring the right sound in every space and allowing open-concept designs to work on an experiential level.


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