Building services engineering

Enhancing environments

As workplace sector specialists, our senior-level team of engineers understand the critical role that reliable and effective engineered systems play in the operation and success of a commercial building or workplace tenancy.

Aston appreciates that engineering is technical and complex. As experts in workplace, we support and advise our clients to mitigate risk and make it easy. We will identify opportunities that challenge requirements, use our extensive experience to benchmark options and will protect our clients technical, financial and operational interests at all stages of a project.
From designing equipment for critical spaces to providing a safe and comfortable environment for employees, Aston ensures best practice and efficient engineering is thoughtfully designed, architecturally aligned and fully coordinated.

Collaborating with clients across Australia via our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offices, our independence and agility enables us to remain focused on exceptional service and great outcomes every time.

  • Electrical services design is essential in any workplace or building as it forms the backbone of daily operations. Well-designed electrical infrastructure ensures reliable power distribution, great lighting, capacity for equipment and devices, and effective sustainable practices.

    Aston’s sector specific expertise ensures best practice outcomes are achieved, promoting productivity and efficiency. The electrical engineering expertise provided by Aston covers the wide range of all workplace requirements, including:

    • General work areas power applications
    • General, emergency and specialist lighting
    • Switchboard designs and modifications
    • Submain reticulation
    • Supply authority negotiation and coordination
    • Standby power generation
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    • Power factor correction
    • Security, CCTV and access control systems
    • Lightning and surge protection
    • Energy management
    • Critical Environment Systems
    • Capacity Planning
  • Mechanical services provide a comfortable and productive working environment for employees and cooling to critical environments. By maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels, air conditioning ensures employee well-being, enhances concentration and productivity, and promotes a professional atmosphere. Additionally, it helps control indoor air quality creating a healthier and more pleasant workspace.

    Aston are specialist at workplace mechanical systems and optimised design outcomes. We understand building systems, know the challenges and have the experience to find solutions and provide advice, including:

    • Workplace Air-conditioning (HVAC) system design
    • Supplementary and standalone mechanical systems
    • Ventilation and exhaust systems
    • Data centre and computer room specialist systems
    • Chilled Beams
    • Sustainability analysis and upgrades
    • Existing plant upgrades
    • Mechanical audits
    • Displacement air-conditioning
    • Commissioning management
    • Building Management System (BMS) and control system design
  • Fire system design is crucial in commercial buildings as it plays a vital role in safeguarding the lives of occupants and protecting valuable assets. Well-designed fire systems ensure early detection, rapid response, and effective suppression of fires, minimising the risk of injuries and property damage.

    Aston’s specialist fire team ensures fire safety standards and regulations are met, landlord compliance is achieved and the organisations we work with can mitigate potential hazards, maintain a secure work environment, and provide peace of mind for employees and stakeholders.

    The wide range of in-house fire engineering provided by Aston includes:

    • Wet fire sprinkler systems
    • Fire hydrant and hose reels
    • Fire detection and alarm systems
    • Smoke detection systems
    • Emergency Warning and
    • Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
    • Fire engineered solutions
    • Gas fire suppression
    • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler systems
    • Fire system monitoring solutions
    • Portable fire equipment
  • Hydraulic services design ensures the efficient and reliable operation of various systems for smooth day to day occupant experiences. Aston’s focus is to ensure there is well-designed hydraulic infrastructure in place for our clients to ensure they never need to think about it. Our expertise covers:

    • Workplace breakouts & kitchens
    • Bathrooms and end of trip
    • General water and drainage
    • Hot and cold water
    • Gas
    • Sewer systems
    • Storm water
    • Water filtration and treatment
    • Authority liaison

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