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Sustainability and wellness have become non-negotiable targets of all businesses and the built environment. Aston embraces the positive impact of sustainability and provides pragmatic and effective consulting and solutions that help businesses and projects unlock untapped potential and influence workplaces that work harder to tread lighter.

Our specialist sustainability team at Aston provides end to end advice and services to our clients to ensure that they are in a fully informed position to make sustainability and wellness decisions, and most importantly understand the pathways that will allow an organisation or project to contribute to positive impacts and provide wellness for teams to thrive.

  • Aston are specialists in sustainability and wellness certifications. We work with our clients to make understanding these certifications easy and provide advice for clients to make informed sustainability and wellness decisions, including the fundamentals of each certifications, their benefits, the costs and the pathways to achieving certification.

    Our team will provide the end-to-end professional expertise and management in achieving certifications that include:

    • Green Star
    • WELL
    • LEED
    • Green Star Performance
    • Infrastructure Sustainability
    • NABERS
    • ClimateActive
  • Aston offer expert sustainability services to help organistions create environmentally responsible outcomes that align with their corporate social responsibility goals. Our team of experienced consultants work closely with our clients to establish and achieve outcomes that include:

    • Setting organisational goals and targets
    • ESG advisory
    • Net zero initiatives
    • Wellness policies
    • Sustainability plans
    • Sustainability lease clauses
    • Embodied carbon assessments
    • Modelling and benchmarking
  • Aston sustainability services for building upgrades and tenancy refurbishments are designed to help organisations revitalise their existing facilities with sustainable design strategies that reduce environmental impact and improve workplace wellness. The Aston sustainability team will evaluate existing building systems, equipment, and operations to identify areas where a building or tenancy can make measured and significant sustainability improvements. This expertise includes:

    • Site walkthroughs (from one building to a portfolio of buildings)
    • Renewable energy’s
    • Electrification pathways
    • Energy management
    • Plant and HVAC systems upgrade strategies
    • Water efficiency
    • Environmental operational policies
    • Sustainable and healthy materials assessment
    • User guides
  • As experts in workplace environments, Aston understands that employee wellbeing is critical to the success of any business, and a focus in attracting and retaining talent. Our sustainability services are dedicated to helping organisations understand and navigate the options to create healthy and sustainable work environments that promote employee productivity, reduce stress, and enhance overall wellbeing.


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